We are a boutique agency with a small, select client list of young actors aged 5-21.

Our vision is to help create professional opportunities for all Young Actors whilst giving them and their parents the very best mentoring and advice. We would also never suggest our young actors for jobs for which we felt they were unsuitable.

Our clients are consistently called in for West End theatre, feature and short films, TV (including BBC, Channel 4 and Game of Thrones) and commercials.

For the profession

The team behind the agency have huge experience as producers and casting directors in both the film and theatre businesses and are therefore well placed to suggest the most suitable young actors. We also know how tricky it can sometimes be to get licences in place quickly and efficiently and therefore we maintain fantastic relationships with all of our local councils.

You can be guaranteed that all of our young actors receive top quality professional training in both stage and screen technique.

For parents

From audition preparation to the logistics of getting to castings right through to obtaining licences for your young actor to work, we’ll work with you through every stage. Most importantly we’ll make sure that your young actor receives the very best and right treatment whilst working.

For performers

We’ll put our members forward for jobs in theatre, film, commercials, corporate video, television, radio and photography in the knowledge that they are both emotionally and technically ready.


Our agency books are currently open so please send an email with a photograph to with answers to the following:-

1) Why are you interested in joining The Young Actors Group Agency?
2) What acting experience do you have?
3) Where are you based?
4) Do you recognise the need to travel to London for auditions and how do you feel about this?