About Us

The Young Actors Group promises to deliver a unique 3 term curriculum for each young actor. Check out our curriculum page for full details but in the meantime see below for a snapshot of what to expect.

  • Five age groups: Starters (ages 4-5*), Youngers (ages 5 - 7*), Juniors (ages 7 - 11*), Seniors (ages 11 - 15*) and Advancers (ages 15 - 19*)
  • *Director discretion is used when an actor is ready to move to an older group 
  • Unique three term curriculum - ‘Devising a Show and Building Technique’, ‘Performance on Stage' and ‘Acting for Screen’
  • Small class sizes - a maximum of 16 young actors in each class
  • Two hours of dedicated acting training every week during term time
  • Teaching from working professionals in the film, theatre and television businesses
  • Chance to be a member of our associated agency,  The Young Actors Agency
  • Chances for each young actor to write and direct their own performances
  • An Easter show at a professional theatre
  • A chance in the ‘screen’ term to work with professional filmmakers and equipment.
  • Termly feedback detailing how each young actor has got on during the term
  • Full consultancy package for parents
  • Termly newsletters including top tips from our team of professionals
  • Discounts to LAMDA classes and one-on-one and one-on-two coaching