About Us

The Young Actors Group specialises in teaching drama to all ages. We believe that drama and the skills that acting gives you are both hugely enjoyable to develop but also essential for healthy communication, friendships, personal wellbeing and both physical and psychological development.

There's no better place to be challenged, take risks, have fun and grow together than through drama!

Here are a few bullet points as to what to expect from us:-

  • Four age groups: Starters (ages 5 - 7*), Juniors (ages 8 - 11*), Seniors (ages 12 - 15*) and Advancers (ages 16 - 19*)
  • Unique three term curriculum - ‘Devising a Show and Building Technique’, ‘Performance on Stage' and ‘Specialist Skills’ (influenced by the group)
  • Small class sizes - a maximum of 16 young actors in each class
  • Teaching from working professionals in the film, theatre and television businesses
  • Chances for each young actor to write and direct their own performances
  • An Easter show at a professional venue
  • Termly feedback on request detailing how each young actor has got on during the term
  • Full consultancy package for parents
  • Discounts to LAMDA classes and one-on-one and one-on-two coaching

We've also recently launched musical theatre groups for ages 5 - 15 so head over to our Find A Group page to 'find a group' near you!