Auditions, Auditions, Auditions

Following on from our 2nd group audition date at Emporium last Saturday, we are now hugely excited by the coming term!

We’ve seen some absolutely fantastic young actors and with just one more group audition day to go, we can’t wait to meet even more.

On Saturday 23rd it was amazing to have our group mentor, Dakota Blue Richards, with us. Dakota gives an insight into the business that is extremely rare and wise. At the young age of 20, Dakota has been an actress for almost 10 years and is able to give a unique perspective on what it’s like growing up as a young actor.

One of the key things to come out of this last weekend was that if you are really keen to work professionally as a young actor then you need to ‘want’ it. Now, this isn’t the casual ‘X-Factor’ kind of ‘want’ which seems to suggest that simply wanting something gives you a kind of entitlement. No, this is a ‘want’ that shows commitment, passion and a soul for acting.

And don’t forget the parents! There’s quite a commitment from you too – quite often changing plans last minute to get your young actors up to a casting in London or picking them up after rejection!

But through it all, here at The Young Actors Group we are dedicated to minimizing stress levels at every stage. Our hope is that we can create great opportunities for everyone involved and fully support both young actors and parents in what can be an amazing journey!

For those we haven’t met yet, we’ll see you on Saturday 6th September!