Is it very serious!?

This is a question that we’ve been asked a lot.

The simple answer is that we take what we offer extremely seriously. We want to give you, the parents, the very best value for money, support and advice when it comes to both acting classes and the acting profession. In our website, our copy, our branding, our service, our outlook, we aim to be extremely professional and maintain the absolute highest quality.

With that in mind, we also expect a similar engagement from our young actors. This doesn’t mean that they have to be ultra-serious and ultra-focused on this being their dream. It simply means that we want our young actors to have an attitude where they want to be there. They want to engage because they enjoy it. Whether they are very new to acting or have attended other youth theatres and drama clubs, they want to learn because they are interested in acting. Come with that, and then the rest is up to us!

And we teach acting. Yes, games and fun are very much a part of that! But the goal is that your young actor not only has an amazing time but also gains a fantastic skill base as a person and as a performer. Learning to act isn’t just about becoming a film or television star. It’s so much more! We hope that in your years at The Young Actors Group, you’ll learn fantastic life lessons that will give you the confidence to succeed in any profession.

So what’s with the agency? It’s there to create opportunities for those young actors (and their parents who support them) who really want to have a go at working in the profession. It shouldn’t be taken lightly as it’s a big commitment and can be quite costly. But we want to be able to help in creating those chances.

The agency is not the priority – the priority is that you have an amazing time every week, make friends, explore, take risks, learn, challenge and grow as people and performers.

We’re very lucky that you’ve chosen us to share that with and can categorically state that we’re committed to this being a brilliant part of your week!