Looking Back on 2014

Back in July of this year, we officially launched The Young Actors Group.

It has been an amazing journey so far and we can’t wait to kick on into 2015!

There are three things that we’d love to think about as the year draws to a close. Firstly, the loyalty shown by parents who have invested in our work. We simply wouldn’t exist without them. They are open, honest and give extraordinarily useful feedback so that we can continue to grow and excel in what we do.

Some of that feedback is below:-

“The Young Actors Group is an extraordinary find in a sea of Brighton groups – you’re the best!”

“Great communication with both the kids and the adults.”

“This is my son’s first acting workshop experience and by far a wonderful, stretching and fun experience for him. A great, supportive introduction into a professionally run young acting company.”

Thank you so much! We take what we do extremely seriously and are continually re-dedicating ourselves to the positive development of your young actors as both people and performers.

The second thing that we’d like to focus on is how we’ve managed to create a professionally run group with high expectations that has also welcomes young people who have never acted before. Drama is for all. It’s not exclusive or elitest and we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way. Our partnership with The Starr Trust has been pivotal in helping those who can’t afford the full fees to come to our group. We love them so please do take a look at what they do! http://starrtrust.com/

Finally, we’d like to focus on the young actors themselves. Time and time again, we see how drama can help improve confidence, increase reading and writing skills, focus the mind, voice and body and be a catalyst for fun, excitement, thrills and challenges. Our current crop of young actors always work hard, try things out and support each other in every class. New students are welcomed and given ‘buddies’ until they feel secure. No one is excluded or rejected if they have an attitude of wanting to learn and wanting to play.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful beginning!