Jamie and the Jurassic Adventure


Group – Monday Starters (Hurst)

Date – 25th March 2023

Time – 14.45

Written by Clare Jarvis

Performance Rights courtesy of Clare Jarvis

Directed by Clare Jarvis

Just an ordinary school day and a trip to the museum! As the group stroll around the life-size statues and rocks from the Jurassic era, they come across an egg with an embryo frozen in time. Does the egg hatch? And if it does what will happen to the baby dinosaur? They couldn’t possibly go back to the dinosaur era to take it back to its mummy… could they?

Join us on a Jurassic adventure filled with excitement, wonder and – not to mention – dance routines and a rap!

After the success of last year’s pirate adventure, I wanted to come up with a fun and exciting show that could include a big cast as well as involve movement, poetry and dance.

This term it has been wonderful to welcome a lot of new young actors to the group, and because of this it was a difficult task for me to find a piece where they could all be busy, engaged and challenged throughout the rehearsal process. I also wanted them to enjoy the process of working on a show. As we only have one hour, it is an extremely short time to get the piece up to performance level.

This group has really wowed me with their ability to concentrate and retain information and direction given over the weeks. They have worked incredibly hard and I’m very excited for you all to see the results of their effort and join us on our adventure into the past!

Enjoy the show!

Clare Jarvis



Jamie Zuri Muncaster

Joe Emilia Murray-Watson

Harry Hayes Cooper

Tour Guide Freddie Hydes

Crazy Scientist Lucie Highett-Smith

Millie Florrie Budibent

Lucy Dotty Luker

Teacher  Annabelle Rickards

School Child/Rapper Annie Smith

School child/Rapper Akira Modi

School child/Rapper Lilah-Poppy Bates

School child/Rapper Ivy Fowler

Schoolchild/Rapper Maisie Moody

Schoolchild/Rapper Florence Stainton

Timmy The T Rex/Puppeteer Ollie Jutson


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