A Circus Adventure


Group Monday Starters

Date – 16th March 2024

Time – 10.40

Written by Clare Jarvis

Performance Rights courtesy of Clare Jarvis

Directed by Clare Jarvis

Abbie’s Gran takes her for a trip to the circus one evening, but nothing can prepare her for the adventure that follows! Join us as we learn how to tightrope walk, make a dog do tricks, do acrobatics and laugh with the clowns! Can a toy circus really come alive? Did Abbie really dance with clowns or was it all just a dream?

Putting together a show in 9 weeks for 16 young students has been no mean feat. I wanted to create a show where all children were involved and a big part of the show regardless of confidence and experience.

As you can imagine the short time scale has meant creating this show has been a challenge for both myself and the group. However I have been constantly astounded by the level of focus displayed by these young minds and their ability to remember direction and routines from week to week. .

This group has boundless energy and enthusiasm and it has been a real pleasure to work with them on this show each week.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy watching their work come to life.

Enjoy the show!

Clare Jarvis



Abbie Lilah-Poppy Bates

Nan/circus acrobat Iyla Tremewan Raymond

Ringmaster Akira Modi

Tightrope walker/dancer Rita Hoyle

Tightrope walker Angus Rolls

Dog Trainer Florence Stainton

Dog Trainer Penelope Smith

Dog/dancer Maisie Moody

Clown Caelan Currie

Clown Ben Whitehouse

Clown Leo Wicker

Clown/dancer Ivy Fowler

Acrobat/big sister Eleanor Aldouse

Acrobat/dancer Annie Smith

Acrobat Rebel Lewis

Acrobat/dancer Dotty Luker


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