Apocalypse at Denny’s

Group – Saturday Seniors

Date – 27th March 2022

Time – 17:30

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Aaron Tonks

To repeat for those of you that may not have heard. After a secret government facility was broken into last night a zombie has broken loose and is currently wandering free. We advise everyone to stay indoors… Of course, the best place to seek refuge is the local Denny’s.

This year the group is taking on the challenge of an Apocalypse at Denny’s. Last term they were very keen on doing something with a zombie theme and when I asked what sort of play they wanted this term they said “It should be an apocalypse set in Denny’s”, well they can’t accuse me of not listening to them, I set to work to write them exactly what they were after.

During this term we have had ups and downs finding our feet with the play, concentrating during other people’s scenes but once we all addressed those issues this group started working incredibly. I wanted to challenge them this year and give them themes that are slightly more mature that we haven’t covered before.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy watching their work come to life.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks


Andrew Ed Alexander

Jai Leon Cain

Kai Marco Calabretta

Jennifer Elsie Cavalier

Samantha Anya Laycock

Nicholas Willem Paskin

Amy Imogen Paskin

Steven Esme Petridis

Louise Ellis Renyard

Thomas Joseph Sales

Trevor Oren Seymour Jones

Jem Daisy Stephens

Rebecca Jovanna Yassa

Kelly Portia

Vick Anna Greco Stenner

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