Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things

Group – Tuesday Seniors

Date – 1st April 2023

Time – 2.40pm

Written by Georgia Christou

Performance Rights courtesy of Nick Hern Books

Directed by Polly Jordan

On a reality television show, six remarkable – and remarkably young – geniuses are competing for the coveted Golden Brain trophy and the title ‘Britain’s Brainiest Child’. As the contestants battle it out round after round, the pressure mounts, the spotlight gets harsher, and each is faced with questions they were never expecting. Who will win and who will lose – and what exactly does winning mean anyway?

It has been a pleasure to direct this show about a group of young people struggling against the pressure to succeed, before finally realising they can achieve amazing things on their own terms. This is a real ensemble show, which provides great opportunity for building teamwork, communication and collaboration amongst the group, in addition to continuing to hone their individual skills as performers.

I have been particularly impressed by the commitment and work ethic of this group, who have a great group dynamic and support each other as an ensemble.

Enjoy the show!

Polly Jordan



Rochelle’s Dad Sophia Rummery

The Producers

Emilie Liddell

Alice Lawes

Marilla Cassinos

Claudia Martinez

The Presenters

Flo Robertson

Alia Dawabi

Frankie Beth Hopper

Lady Regina Rustington Beth Wilde

Neil Pullover Leo Hall

Rochelle Laura Heaton

Bernie Sienna Daly

Hester Eleanor Grimes

Amber Xanthe Reeves

Sheara Kalista Whitcher

Jasmine Millie Alexandra


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