Group – Saturday Seniors

Date – 23rd March 2024

Time – 12:00

Adapted By Lizzie Mounter

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Lizzie Mounter

“Bugsy”. It is 1929 in New York, everyone is trying to make ends meet and if it’s show business you’re in, it seems to always be “come back tomorrow”. The city is divided by gang warfare. On one side, Dandy Dan’s mob terrorise the district, taking out those they turn against with their new splurge guns. On the other side, Dandy Dan’s rival, Sam Staccetto, runs his successful Grand Slam Speakeasy.

Bugsy narrates us through this chaotic city life whilst simultaneously pursuing a romance with singer Blousey Brown, he becomes entangled in the chaotic conflict as Dan’s gang retaliates against Sam’s crew. Can Blousey pursue her dream of being in show business and can Bugsy use his charm and whit to hopefully bring peace between the rival gangs in 1920s New York.

After the success of their devised show ‘The Three Kingdoms’, the seniors group have dealt with challenges in the rehearsal process with patience and persistence. Collectively expressing their individual thoughts has made for a collaborative and fun environment for each of them to flourish as performers. With encouragement and clear direction they have found a rhythm that has created a rich characters and a stylised yet demanding performance- they even tackled the hard New York accent.

I sincerely hope that the performers relish the challenges they’ve embraced, and I trust that you, the audience, will thoroughly enjoy witnessing their artistic endeavors come to life on stage.

Enjoy the show!

Lizzie Mounter



Blousey Brown Aleyna Kasap 

Bronx Charlie, Tallulah, O’Dreary Amelie Shah 

Roxy Robinson, Oscar, Dandy Dan Angus Dow R

Sam Staccetto Felix Mason 

Knuckles, Smolsky Joe McCann 

Lena Marelli, Benny, Seymour Scoop Rose Lewis 

Bangles, Snake Eyes, Louella Rosie Jones 

Bugsy Malone Sam Hill 


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