Crazy Little Thing Called Illucinations

Crazy Little Thing Called Illucinations

Group – Saturday Seniors

Date – Saturday 23rd March 2024

Time – 16:00

Directed by Aaron Tonks

Enter the captivating world of a young boy blessed with an extraordinary imagination; challenged by his parents, who dismiss it as mere illucinations. In a symphony of sights and sounds, he perceives the world through a lustrous lens, a realm where the majestic melodies of Queen rule the airwaves.

After last year’s murder mystery, I wanted to go the opposite and pick a comedic show with a lot of weird and wonderful characters. They are quite a young senior group, so I wanted to make the most of their energetic energy, pick a show that is full on, and keep them on their toes.

This year the struggle has been their concentration because every scene they are changing character and location, they have a tendency to lose concentration as we start the next scene. Throw in the fact that for the first time we are playing around with multi-stage levels and everyone playing lots of different characters, it has been a challenging process at times. That being said, they are a very talented group with so much personality that I couldn’t do this show without their individuality and energy. When they focus, they are a fantastic group that brings a scene to life and is a joy to work with.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy our crazy little play.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks

Crazy Little Thing Called Illucinations


Officer, Second Barker, Referee, Tramp Ernesto Amortegui

Solider, First Barker, Eddie Edwards, Librarian Henry Bennett

Doctor, Time Keeper, Lady Athina Datseris

Solider, Auntie, Second Women Beatrice Hill

Ernie    Callum McCrudden

Dad/Third Barker Stanley Morris

Solider, Kid Sacaren, Attendant Aled Pueyo-John

Mum/Woman Saroise Osborne


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