Fame School

Fame School

Group – Musical Theatre, Wednesdays at Knoyle Hall

Date – Saturday 16th March

Time – 3:45pm

Written and edited by Holly Ray

Directed by Holly Ray

A group of young performers audition for the high school of performing arts, and are desperate to be accepted. Once the term starts, the story follows the day to day happenings of the life of a performing arts student. Will they all succeed? Will their names ever be in lights? Or is it about more than just fame?

Once again, we have wildly ambitious! This is one of my favourite musicals of all time and it’s been so lovely working on it with this group. Such a challenge though, to somehow fit learning songs, with various parts and harmonies, learning dances with lots going on, and staging lots of scenes, into two hours! I would rather be ambitious and give these young performers a challenge though, than not.

It’s been fun, and stressful, but mostly fun, and I have had goosebumps in some rehearsals with the level of dedication and talent that exists within this group. I love working with them, I love their enthusiasm, it’s been a complete joy.

I hope as you watch the show you can appreciate the sheer amount of work we’ve had to conquer, and remember that these are very young people who do performing arts very part time! I think they’ve done a stellar job, I hope you agree, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Holly Ray


Fame School


Rosie Harding Miss Esther Sherman / Doris

Lola Ljubic Ms Greta Bell / Lydia

Sofie Liddell Joanna ‘Jo’ Vegas / Miss Myers

Lyla Calf Mabel Washington

Harry Alexander  Schlomo Metzenbaum

Sylvia Bennett Carmen Diaz

Matilda Kelly Serena Katz

Rufus Grice Nicholas Piazza

Lois Osley Tyra Jackson

Emma Kirkbride Iris Kelly

Nora Radcliffe  Coco Fernandez

Logan Henderson-New Goodman ‘Goody’ King

India Moir-Bruce  Grace ‘Lambchops’ Lamb

Wesley Stafford Ralph Miller

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