Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox

Group Saturday Juniors

Date 27th March

Time 10:20

Written by David Wood (From Roald Dahl)

Performance Rights courtesy of Samuel French

Directed by Luke Ofield

I think Roald Dahl’s work is so timeless, with lots of great characters to explore.

There are so many opportunities for young actors to create characters and to get back to the fun of acting and of theatre.

Fantastic Mr Fox is a delightful tale of survival and keeping your spirit up in the hardest of times.

I’ll be moving to London after this term and so want to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing young actors over the years, especially this term. And to thank you all as parents who have been constantly supportive, loyal and encouraging.

Everyone has worked really hard on the piece, and I hope that you enjoy watching as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

Luke Ofield


Mr Fox Georgia Berey

Mrs Fox Amelie Shah

Badger/ Protester Belle Mayers

Mrs Badger/ Protester Poppy Jones

Rat/ Protester Esther Scheppers

Fox Child Bonnie Chung

Fox Child Joe McCann

Farmer Boggis Felix Mason

Farmer Bunce Rob Sales

Farmer Bean/ Mabel Ruby Huddart





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