Group – Monday Seniors

Date – 27th March 2022

Time – 14:00

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Aaron Tonks

FLIGHT sees 16 students all embarking on their first holiday away from home and for many their first holiday ever, and with the teachers leaving the students in charge, what could possibly go wrong?

Last year they all played multi-role parts in Oliver Twist, so this year I wanted to go down a different route and challenge them and give them something slightly more serious and one character for them each to play and have ownership of.

During this term we have had ups and downs finding our feet with the play. Concentration during longer scenes was initially really tricky. But we conquered that and once through this initial period, the group started working incredibly, developing characters in more complex ways like we do with our older groups.

They were the first group to be completely off book and because of that it meant we had a lot of time to change things and explore the play.

They are a truly wonderful group and I am very proud of their hard work. I hope all their hard work pays off.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks


Louis Osian Barnes

Jerry Arrietta Buck

Mia Nell Davies

Stan Fred Davies

Hazel Masie Fletcher

Jessie Masie Hoyle

Ivy Freya Jones

Alfie Hugo Kaplan

Ellie Alexia Lee-Perol

Ed Eddie Martin

Gus Daisy Reason

Otis Kiran Shah

Frankie Max Ford

Olive Sofia Sanches

Casey Lola Smith

Wesley Will Soffe

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