Grimm’s Fairy tales – Snow White

Grimm’s Fairy tales – Snow White

Group – Tuesday Juniors, Hove

Date – Sunday 24th March 2024

Time – 11:45am

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm original tale, edited by Holly Ray

Directed by Holly Ray

The tale of Snow White is a famous one, depicted in various forms and styles. This version is inspired by the Brothers Grimm, and so is a simple folk tale with a dark twist. There are some metaphors weaved within this play, which hopefully give it depth and character. Is that the spirit of Snow White’s mother in the mirror? Is the Evil Queen two people – is that her sidekick, or is it two parts of her personality? I’ll let you as the audience enjoy and decide!

The style of this script has been a challenge and somewhat confusing. Playing characters whilst narrating your own story is hard, and it’s been a learning curve. The group are brilliant though and have got the hang of it and sunk their teeth into it, it’s been a pleasure to see. It’s a style of performing not usually done anymore, so it’s lovely just to do something a bit different.

There is also so much content that isn’t written in the script which has been another challenge. Creating this physical content together has been a great experience, and I hope everyone can take from it then we can convey a story in more ways than just talking. Another learning curve has been to not immediately judge the play or your part by counting your lines! The number of lines you have in any given script is not an indicator of how big or important your role is, as there are always so many opportunities to create, to react, to respond, to volunteer yourself. I hope everyone remembers this moving forwards, and has learned that it’s so much more than how many lines you have. The creative process is just that – a process, and that is the important part.

This group is a lot of fun to work with, there are some big personalities and a lot of energy! I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy watching their work come to life.

Enjoy the show!

Holly Ray



Snow White Matilda Lomasney

Mother Sasha Andrews

Wicked Queen Layla Tubekan

Disguised Queen Anna Lasme

Huntsman Louis Babbayan

Prince Max Babbayan

Wild Boar Chase Currie


Max Babbayan

Louis Babbayan

Sasha Andrews

The Seven Dwarves

Louise Glaser

Hal Cooper

Teddy Biancardi Griffith

Jack Anderson

Quinn Bammert

Chase Currie

Martha Critchley

Wild Animals

Teddy Biancardi Griffith

Quinn Bammert

Martha Critchley



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