The Three Little Men in the Woods

A Grimms Tale

Group – Tuesday Seniors

Date – Sunday 3rd April

Time – 14:50

Written by the Brothers Grimm, adapted by Philip Pullman

Directed by Holly Ray

Finding a play for this age group is always a challenge, as they usually want something dark but with humour, that borders on fantasy but plenty of realism! So, I reached for the classic Grimm’s Tales and was delighted at how this group responded. They’ve taken it with both hands and have dived in, which has been brilliant. Our rehearsals are full of creativity and bright ideas, and it’s been lovely to work collaboratively on this.

They were also keen for their production to be classically staged, with period costumes and music, which I found interesting and brilliant too!

The process has been a challenge in some ways, as the logistics with movement, blocking and props have been quite complicated, but it’s been really enjoyable to work this out together, and I’ve loved watching how some members of the group take this all on board, write everything down, and take ownership of the piece.

It’s been really enjoyable working on something a little different, and I’m really proud of how these young actors have worked and progressed over the term. I hope they’ve enjoyed themselves, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Holly Ray


King Stan Robertson

Man Lars Colin Cooper

Man’s Daughter / Queen Poppy Lockett

Woman / Stepmother Ava Bodroghy-West

Woman’s Daughter / Stepsister Beth Wilde

Kitchen Boy Martha Purdy

Kitchen Boy Florence Robertson

First Little Man Rio Sauer

Second Little Man Marilla Cassinos

Third Little Man Lars Colin Cooper

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