Group – Saturday Seniors

Date – 25th March 2023

Time – 12:00

Written by Katherine Chandler

Performance Rights courtesy of Curtis Brown

Directed by Georgina Walker

Hood’s Mam has run off with a bacon licking vegetarian and her Dad spends his days

and nights lost in a chair, feeding his addiction to ‘The Waterboys’. There’s no money left, there’s five struggling kids to feed and interfering Father Tuck just won’t let them be. But our modern day hero, Robyn Hood is determined to keep her family together, whatever it takes…A modern day tale about family and food.

After the success of last year, this group had the challenge of trying something new. Working on something with deeper meaning and an abstract twist. Last term we loved devising our own performance based on Myths and Legends and have worked as an ensemble to create something totally different.

The actors have worked hard on putting their own take on their characters and have been hugely successful in embedding their own personalities in these too.

This group is always a lot of fun to work with (sometimes they have too much fun!) and their teamwork and energy is fantastic.

I really hope they make you as proud as they have made me!

Enjoy the show!

Georgie Walker



Hood Molly Starup Williams and Isla Walker

Tuck Freddie Zalter

Al Amelie Shah

Will Samuel Hill

John Georgia Berey

Silent Muz/Estate Kid/Security Guard Phoebe Thomas Giles

Nas/Estate Kid Sasha Butler

Mam/Estate Kid/Security Guard Melissa Newton

Dad Angus Dow


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