Murder in the Penthouse (Thursday Seniors)

Murder in the Penthouse

Group – Thursday Seniors

Date – 1st April 2023

Time – 16:15

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Aaron Tonks

It’s the 1950’s and Dolly has found herself orphaned and penniless. She decides to through one last dinner party in her penthouse before it is all taken from her. However those that turn up she either owes money too, being blackmailed by or is Gabriel.

Flash forward to present day where four sisters find themselves in the same penthouse. How does the past affect the present? And why are they there?

Join us for a whodunit as we tried to solve who committed Murder in the Penthouse.

After last years Apocalyptic themed show this year I wanted something more light hearted. So this is our tribute to Agatha Christie.

During the rehearsal period we have had the difficulty of trying to figure out how cross the line between serious and comedic as well as the fact the cast are on stage for a huge majority of the time without leaving. So how do we make it interesting for them when even though they are on stage they might not have a line for a few pages. I hope we have managed to achieve this.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy our murder mystery.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks

Murder In The Penthouse


Robert Nova Balamir

Neville Harry Banks

Casey Elly Cholerton

Ned Lenny de Villeneuve

Susie Ashleigh Dyer

Bert Reece Houlker-Kennard

Jimmy Florence Grizaard

Robin Emily Murdoch

Elle Tilly Salem

Nick Freddie Schruers

Detective Amia Mari Sequoia-Pintos

Dolly Leila Smith

Gabriel Harry Wiloughby

Angela Beatrice Hill


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