Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Group – Tuesday Advancers

Date – 1st April 2023

Time – 19:25

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Aaron Tonks

Photo booth follows the life of Anatol Josephewitz. A boy who dreamed of taking pictures and travelling became a man fighting to get home and fighting for an idea he knew would revolutionise photography.

This is an intertwining play through wars, marriage, secrets and Andy Warhol. Giving you a snapshot into different decades of ups and downs all focussed around a Photo booth.

After their last show, I knew I wanted to doing something more challenging with them that showed off their acting range. We have students leaving this year some of which have been with me since they were ten and I wanted to showcase everything they’ve learned in one show.

I honestly love working with this group. From day one when I walked through the door and said “I have an idea about doing a play set around photo booths” They didn’t moan or question it they were ready to see where it would take them. This group has been the perfect blend of working hard but also playing hard, during the games and warm ups.

At the end of the last term we had enough scenes and ideas that this play could have been a 2 and a half hour play with an interval. It was the rare treat of having to take things out. This is our most ambitious show yet.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy our play Photo booth.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks

Photo Booth


Man/Donald/Simon Sonny Attwood

Heather/Edie Dorothea Blond

Thomas/Andy  Isaac Brunner

Guard/Michael/Eric Nicholas Bushara

Daniel/Guard/Richard Sonny Campbell

Guard/Mark/Tommy/Jim Zac Cooper

Ganna/Val/Janine Julia Gadek

Dorothy/Ellie Grace Golland

Orville/Presenter/ Peter Alex Hitchcock

Edith/Jenny/Elise Esme Izzard

Attendant/Locke/John/Henry Hugo Kaplan

Ruth/Florence/Bluma Tahlia Lovegrove

Marco/ Henry/ Ronald  Connor Randall

Anatol  Jude Tzabar


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