Platform 23


Group – Tuesday Juniors

Date – Sunday 3rd April

Time – 13:30

Written and Directed by Holly Ray

Based on the book ‘The Secret of Platform 13’

This play was requested by two of my students a long time ago (pre Covid!) and so as this was these particular students last term in the juniors, I decided to have a go at writing a script based on their beloved book.

It’s proved a success, with all the students engaging with it, and getting on board. Much to my relief! I think it’s just the right amount of magic and realism for them to get their teeth stuck in, whilst still maintaining that lovely childlike mystical quality.

I hope they have all enjoyed working on this play, I am incredibly proud of them and they should be too – this group is home to some of the fastest line learners I’ve ever encountered! It’s also been lovely to see the characters come to life, and for these young actors to really bring the characters out. I’ve seen a lot of development during this term, it’s been truly wonderful.

Enjoy the show!

Holly Ray



Ernie Lucy Sirisena

Mrs Partridge Emilie Liddell

Queen Laura Heaton

King Leo Hall

Rose Claudia Martinez

Lily Kalista Whitcher

Larina Trottle Alia Dawabi

Nanny Brown Louise Glaser

Chauffeur / Nero Tabitha Silverwood-Cope

Matron Emilie Liddell

Odge Sienna Daly

Cornelius Davies-Patrick

Gurkintrude Millie Alexander

Hans Martha Maber

Servant / Ialeo Ben Harvey

Ben Niko Marticorena-Mullett

Raymond Trottle Edward Buck

Click below to download a printable PDF of the programme