Pride Rock


Group – Starters Musical Theatre

Date – Wednesday 6th April 2022

Time – 17.00

Written and Directed by Holly Ray

Based on The Lion King

I wanted to do something colourful, fun, and recognizable with this age group, so what better place to start than with some Disney!

The script is very loosely based upon The Lion King, with some of the most sad and scary parts emitted, as I wanted rehearsals to be somewhere happy, safe and nurturing for the children.

Learning the art of musical theatre is no easy task.

Not only learning lines, remembering blocking, and working on characters, but also learning and remembering dance routines and songs, and then putting all three disciplines together at once! They’ve done so brilliantly and I’m really proud of them!

I hope they’ve had a fun term, and enjoy the experience and the magic of performing in a theatre.

Enjoy the show!

Holly Ray



Simba Emma Kirkbride

King Logan Henderson-New

Queen Marla Mooney

Zazu Harry Woodman

Scar Aurora Clivati

Ed the Hyena Sofie Liddell

Mo the Monkey Hector Lunter

Timon Heidi Horimoto-Mishra

Pumba Freddie Roberts

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