The Butterfly Contract

The Butterfly Contract

Group – Saturday Advancers

Date – 25th March 2023

Time – 19:00

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Aaron Tonks

Welcome to the future where you can go back in time and see any show from the past you wish. Once there you must go to your allocated seat and only your allocated seat. You must not speak to anyone or touch anything other than your own possessions. Once the show is finished you are to come straight back through. If for any reason you find yourself stuck please head to a refuge point and await collection.

In the 1950’s, four actors are putting on a show based in the 1900’s. Tensions back stage arise as the cast members do not get along, one is leaving and one of them had no idea.

In the 1970’s, Danny has been kicked out of his house and now living with two drag queens in a bar. Rumours however are circling that the bar is still to close? Will they all have to find a new home and new work?

In the 1980’s, three men working in a submarine are trying to work out, can they answer the phone? Is the light meant to be blinking? And should they start a nuclear war?

In the future, Lorraine signs The Butterfly Contract and goes back to the 50’s to watch a show set in the 1900’s. Surely Lorraine’s visit can’t damage the timeline too much?

Last term, we went through lots of options for shows, including already published plays. What became clear is this group knew exactly what they didn’t like (most things) but no idea what they do like. Until finally we settled on the idea of a butterfly effect style show.

This year might be our most ambitious show yet, we hope you understand it and if you don’t we hope you enjoy the ride. It has been a tough process for us all, trying to block four very different time zones and intertwine them.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy The Butterfly Contract

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks

The Butterfly Contract



Maid/Clementine Else Cavalier

Betty/Meredith  Helena Bullen

Roger/Jasper   Stan Toyne

Butler/Gerald   Rhys Laverick


Nickie  Portia

Danny  Maria Veness

Mimi    Anna Greco Stenner

Crystal Jalila Roman

Dennis Arlo Kearns


Gordon Joseph Sales

Demond Ed Alexander

Miller Marco Calabretta


Glenn Freya Jones

Lorraine Daisy Stephens


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