The Frozen Adventure


Group – Wednesday MT Starters

Date – 25th March 2023

Time – 10:30

Written by Tayla Evans

Performance Rights courtesy of Tayla Evans

Directed by Tayla Evans

Beware the Frozen Heart.

This musical tells the story of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Elsa has had to keep her magical powers a secret from a young age. After becoming Queen, she accidently reveals she has the power to freeze objects, people and create an on-going snowstorm. Elsa does not know how to control her powers, so she flees the town thinking her people will be safer without her. She leaves behind an eternal winter, and her sister who is shocked to learn of her powers.

Anna goes on a quest to find her sister and help her control her magic. Along the way she meets Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, and an unlikely friendship forms. What form of true love will save the day?

This is my first time working with Young Actors Group, and I hope it won’t be my last. This term, of course, has come with challenges, but the group have faced them head first and overcome them with great ease. I have gifted them with some challenging choreography this term, but they have absolutely smashed it out the park.

As there are only five talented youngsters in this class, they have had the challenge of multi-rolling. As you will be able to tell, they have worked extremely hard to capture each character uniquely. They have done amazingly to remember all the lines, dances, and different characteristics from each of their characters.

This group has been such fun to work with! It has been great to see their confidence grow over the weeks. It isn’t possible for me to have a frozen heart whilst working with them, they melt my heart every time they sing their songs!

I hope they have enjoyed bringing this magical world to life as much as I have, I can’t wait to show their success with an audience.

Enjoy the show!

Tayla Evans



Elsa Nora Radcliffe

Anna Emma Kirkbride

Olaf/Queen/Guard 3/Housekeeper 3 Sofie Liddel

Kristoff/Storyteller 2/Guard 2/Housekeeper 2 Rufus Grice

Sven/Storyteller 1/Guard 1/Housekeeper 1 Logan Henderson


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