The Saviour

The Saviour

Group – Tuesday Advancers

Date – Sunday 24th March 2024

Time – 19:00

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Aaron Tonks

People of the world, I know you have all been waiting in anticipation for today’s announcement. It is indeed a momentous day. A young man was brought to us after a freak accident involving a driverless car. His chance of survival 3%.

Thanks to the permission of this young man’s parents, he has received ground-breaking surgery, the first of its kind. A bionic eye with embedded cameras and night vision, as well as other features. And that’s not all. We are the first to have successfully restored someone’s memories. This technology allows us to remember moments like never before.

Join us and see how this young man’s procedures will help us further progress and advance so we can live without worry.

This young man is the face of all our futures and future generations to come. He is the Saviour.

Last term saw a brand new Tuesday advancers group form; it felt fresh and exciting as, except for four students, everyone had moved up from different groups. We spent a lot of time last term getting to know each other; there were lots of students I hadn’t taught before, and there were also a lot of friendship groups. We spent the first half of the term exploring a couple of ideas, and then it became very clear that this was the idea 100% of them wanted to focus on.

This might be the most ambitious play I have ever tried with an advanced group, from the storylines to the multi-level stage, and the students have really embraced it. They have struggled with learning lines and self-motivation at times; if I’m not focused on their scene at that moment, they have a slight tendency to chat. However, this is a very talented group of students that have been thrown in at the deep end with this show, and I am so impressed with what a group that didn’t know each other has achieved in such a short amount of time.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy our play Photo booth.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks

The Saviour


Knox Misty Ash

Emerson Patsy Burley

Parker  Zac Cooper

Roselia Elvia Harris

Cali Connor Randall

Roland Hugo Kaplan

Eden Oscar Mason

Remi Hope Mortlock

Cypher Sam Power

Avis Amia Sequoia-Pintos

Rylee Leila Smith

Jax Luc Stephens

Juniper Molly Tomkins

Harper/Luna Grace Turner

Xander Jude Tzabar

Mattea Maia Ward



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