The Women in Blue

The Woman in Blue

Group – Tuesday Juniors, Hove

Date – Sunday 24th March 2024

Time – 4:00 pm

Written and edited by Holly Ray

Directed by Holly Ray

Set in two different years, 1996 and 2024, two groups of teenagers go in search of the ghost who apparently haunts their town – ‘the woman in blue’. Will they find her? What else might they discover on their adventure, and how does it end for both groups? A story of self discovery, mystery, coincidence, and ghostliness…

The ease of this play has been that these young actors are playing teenagers much like themselves, and have been able to sink their teeth into their scenes without any stress. The challenge has been finding moments of something different, something other than just dialogue, and ensuring there are ethereal elements throughout.

This group is always lot of fun to work with, and I love the moments of creative input that arise. They always work brilliantly together and it’s been so lovely watching scenes develop with slightly different relationships and dynamics. I really hope they have enjoyed the process and that you enjoy watching our work come to life.

Enjoy the show!

Holly Ray




Debbie Marilla Cassinos

Natalie Millie Alexander

Chloe  Beth Smallcombe

Sam  Emilie Liddell

Tom Leo Hall

Sarah Claudia Martinez

Ash Xanthe Reeves


Ella Beth Wilde

Dotty Laura Heaton

Alex Sienna Daly

Charlie Claudia Martinez

Robin Alia Dawabi

Taylor Kalista Whitcher


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