The Young Matilda

The Young Matilda

Group – Saturday Juniors

Date – 25th March 2023

Time – 10:10

Based on ideas by Roald Dahl and adapted by The Young Actors Group

Directed by Georgina Walker

We are giving you a glimpse the life of the famous Matilda with a YAG take on it. Matilda, who is a young girl with an unfortunate family, takes us on a journey of storytelling and school. Along the way, you’ll meet teachers, librarians, a terrible headteacher and a whole bunch of mischevious children. Afterall, sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.

After the success of last year, this group had the challenge of trying another creation from Roald Dhal. Last term we loved creating our own version of Matilda, so we have worked as an ensemble to add to this and produce a beautiful piece of theatre together.

This term hasn’t been without our challenges. It has taken lots of hard work to learn their lines but once that was accomplished, it has created a great freedom in their performances and they have been able to make mature choices for their characters. As this show is based in a school, there has been the temptation to show their cheeky sides!

This group is always a lot of fun to work with, their commitment and dedication to their performance is admirable and I’ve loved watching them grow as actors and giving them a push in their acting.

I really hope they make you as proud as they have made me!

Enjoy the show!

Georgie Walker

The Young Matilda


The Young Matilda Rose Lewis

Lavendar Poppy Jones

Mrs Wormwood/Miss Phelps Bonnie Chung

Miss Honey Joey Vaughan

Miss Trunchible Felix Mason

Mr Wormwood/Cook/Child Joe McCann

Bruce Bogtrotter Edward Tarrant

Amanda Thripp Gretel Dazeley

Escapologist/Child Frida Lewis

Acrobat/Doctor/Child Esme Bond

Child Ted Kirk-Burton


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