Group – Friday Seniors

Date – 16th March 2024

Time – 18.45

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by Clare Jarvis

Utopia: Where there are no sad faces because everything is perfect. Sounds too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, join us in Utopia and maybe you’ll uproot everything and live in our hidden paradise!

As this is my first theatre production with this group I knew I had to choose something challenging and funny, I knew how hard working they were as a group and wanted to give them lots of character, comedy and pathos to really get their teeth into!

The main challenge this term was the casting, how could I fit six actors into a play of sixteen characters? With a few cuts and some crazy multi-casting we have managed this and most of the group are playing 2/3 roles! The group have worked tremendously hard in a short time to get this play together and have also had a lot of input into scene ideas and the solving of multi-character issues.

This group is simply a joy to work with, always hard working and committed, and it has been brilliant to see the play develop over the weeks.

I really hope they have enjoyed the challenge and that you enjoy watching their work come to life.

Enjoy the show!

Clare Jarvis



Nancy/Harold Poppy Savage

Barbara/Karen Sophie Button

Clint/Timmy/Cindy Issy Bartoletti

Mayor/Susan/Mildred Alina Shevelko

Charlie Sophia Elsmore

Steven Rose Huggettz


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