Where’s Uncle Fred?

Group – Thursday St Matthias Juniors

Date – 3rd April 2022

Time – 10.00

Written by Chance Bliss Dini

Performance Rights courtesy of Chance Bliss Dini

Directed by Chance Bliss Dini

This show is the end result of many weeks of creativity and collaboration between me and our brilliant young actors at St Matthias Juniors. We started out by creating a host of wacky and wonderful characters last term around the theme of mysteries and devising some classic mystery-style plotlines.

We have had so much fun creating and rehearsing this show – the amount of enthusiasm and commitment shown from day one has been phenomenal. Each session our young actors have found new ways to perform their characters and make us all laugh a lot every week.

“Where’s Uncle Fred?” is a character driven play which explores a silly family, a gripping mystery and the importance of telling the truth.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Chance Dini – Director


Jiffins the Butler Felix Aron

Detective Alexis Abercrombie Seren Griggs

Detective Steely Pumpernickel Edie Ashworth

Detective Watkins Alice Lawes

Ronnie Donthing Roscoe Hill

Grandpa Greg Felix Small

Jimmy Donothing Cody Ellis-Frake

Timmy Donothing Jacob Lawes

Melissa Miserly Daisy Groundsell

Matilda Miserly April Siantonas

Clarissa de Fame Poppy Fletcher

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