Writer’s Block

Group – Saturday Seniors

Date – 27th March 2022

Time – 15.45

Written by Aaron Tonks

Performance Rights courtesy of Aaron Tonks

Directed by

Aaron Tonks

A writer is sitting at his desk, ready to write his next play, only he doesn’t know where to start or what to write. Journey inside the mind and frustration of the writer he explores different genres and themes hoping to write the play that he will be remembered for.

I have no idea where the idea for a writer struggling to write a play came from but here we are!

I first told the group about this idea last term and they instantly took a liking to it. They suggested ideas, genres and the sort of characters they wanted to play that they felt they hadn’t had the chance to play before. I then went away and wrote this – trying to give them all what they wanted and taking all of their ideas on board.

The process of directing this play has been such a joy. I have taught most of these boys since they were in year 6 and now most of them are approaching year 11 and I can honestly say this has been the most mature they have ever been when it comes to approaching a play. They are coming in each week ready to rehearse and constantly coming up with ideas and wanting to perfect the show. They all want this show to go well which is half the battle!

I really hope when watching this you all see how far they have come, how much they have grown up and how much they have all enjoyed working on this as have I. It has been such a joyful rehearsal process.

Enjoy the show!

Aaron Tonks 


(all roles played by the cast)

Zac Copper

Joe Fell

Hugo Kaplan

Alex Kingshott

Stanley Morris

Lucien Stephens


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