Term 1 September - December: The Devising a Show and Building Technique Term

This term is all about building a strong ensemble/group who support each other and encourage each other in their acting.

Heavily technique and games based, the aim of this term is to create a great atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect whilst also getting to grips with the fundamentals of vocal technique and posture.

Actors get a chance to write their own small pieces and direct their own work. They will also be helped and encouraged to devise brand new stories and characters.

The term will culminate in a Christmas showcase performance of their scripted work.

Term 2 January - April: Performance on Stage

This term is all about understanding and implementing stage acting technique.

The young actors will work on a scripted play with a view to performing it in front of a live audience.

The young actors will learn everything from stage positioning (blocking), vocal production and dexterity, developing a texted character right through to making their own costume and props.

The term will culminate in a performance at a professional theatre.

Term 3 April - July:  Acting for Screen Term

Although the main focus will be on acting for screen technique, there will also be a chance to experience all aspects of film-making.

This term is all about learning how a film or TV set works with an emphasis on acting for camera.

All young actors will be involved in making their very own versions of classic film scenes.

The young actors will be working with a professional HD camera and getting used to the etiquette and atmosphere of working on a set.
Please note that you can join at any time of the year and the curriculums are repeated each year, advancing and developing alongside the acting group.