Brighton Film School has been relaunched under new management to offer a more extensive range of flexible, competitively priced courses leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

The Film School has been running successful courses for over 10 years and the new owners – Brighton Film Productions – want to build on that foundation and offer a wider range of courses in film production, screenwriting, editing and art direction.

Earwig Productions was established in 1987 as the publishing and training arm of MCN Productions.

In 1992 the company launched its now legendary Theatre Summer School. The project was devised to give young students a unique opportunity to work alongside professional actors, directors and performers.

MCN Productions was established in 1986 by playwright, Mike Carter, and Glyndebourne director, Dr. Christopher Newell.

In 2011, MCN started production on its first major feature film, ‘Connected’, written and directed by Mike Carter and starring Natasha Staples and Luke Healy.  The film enjoyed its first screening at Cineworld in June, 2012 and was signed by High Point Media later that year.  Since then, ‘Connected’ has enjoyed several international sales.

St Mary’s are an inclusive Anglican church situated in a vibrant and diverse part of Brighton.

St Mary’s currently offer two scholarships to students who can’t afford the full fees.

LAMDA has been fuelling the performing arts for over 150 years. We deal in excellence, passion, talent and imagination.

At LAMDA, we believe in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the importance and value of drama in society. Great art has the ability to move, challenge and inspire us; it writes the narrative of our lives. We are committed to encouraging and enabling people to share in this experience, through our training, work, productions and facilities. We strive to ensure the maximum possible access to LAMDA and all our activities for those who will benefit most.

Spotlight was founded in 1927 and is the UK’s leading casting resource with unrivalled knowledge and contacts at the heart of the industry.

Today, over 60,000 performers appear in Spotlight, including actors and actresses, child artists, presenters, dancers and stunt artists. It’s the best way to market yourself as a performer for professional film, television, stage and commercial work.

Our purpose at BHASVIC is to transform lives through learning.

We accomplish this by providing our students with the opportunities they need to achieve their educational ambitions.

We offer a wide range of courses at both intermediate and advanced level, plus an extensive programme of enrichment activities including sport, music, drama, business and community involvement.

Staff expect our students to achieve their best at the College. Relationships between staff and students are warm and friendly and we are justly proud of the quality of support we offer each individual.

This Charter outlines for our students, their parents or guardians, our staff and governors and employers what they may expect of BHASVIC and what the College expects of them.

We believe in a world in which young people are supported to achieve their fullest potential; where they flourish as individuals whilst making a positive contribution to their community, and in turn are recognised for their achievements.

The Starr Trust currently sponsor The Young Actors Group young actor, Anna Simmonds.